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robingolt1PhotoshopYOGA IS A GEM WITH MANY FACETS…that’s how I have experienced it over the years,
and how I share it

Robin Golt is currently an independent yoga teacher (ERYT-500 & TT, ex-Anusara certified) offering nation-wide events that include asana practice, study of wisdom teachings of yoga, contemplation, meditation, and more.

Robin has been dedicated to exploring yoga as a path of transformation and expanding self-awareness; one that addresses the individual as a multi-dimensional being, and that is aimed at getting ever-closer to the “truth”.  What she offers is drawn from decades of teaching, study &service, exploration & practice.

Body, Mind, and Heart  are each valid access points to experiencing our fundamental nature.  All facets of who we are have tremendous potential for stretching and expansion, as well as for refinement, renewal and true revelation.  Yoga and its many practices are uniquely designed to allow for this process of awakening…but of course we have to be willing!”

In addition to asana classes, her events include workshops and trainings for yoga teachers and experienced students ready to break through their current levels of understanding and explore newer and more complete realms of experience

August 5, 2014.  I have just updated my schedule.  Please visit my Events Page